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Re: One Thousand Scribes

philip davies wrote:
> Marcus Wood wrote:
>  'Mention has been made of a High Priest from Jerusalem, perhaps
> responsible for the hiding away of the documents (viewed cryptically as
> "my garments" in 3Q15). Does this not lend credibility to the notion
> that the scrolls originated in the Temple Library?'
>         All we need to do in this case is explain why so many of the texts
> have a divergent calendar.

	I tend to agree with you, Phil.  The time period for 3Q315 could
suggest that the High Priest could have been Phanneus who was elected
by the people of the rebellion against Rome.  In the nationalistic
fervor and hopes of the Roman War and the desire to "purify" the Temple
and High Priesthood from the previous monopoly of the houses of Hanan,
Boethus, etc (perhaps seen as Roman "toadies"), I would be interested
in what may be know of the origins of Phanneus.  If the Essenes joined
the rebellion, could Phanneus have been recruited from the Essene
priesthood?  An Essene involvement in the rebellion would certainly
explain the attack on the Qumran settlement in 68 CE.

	Does anyone know anything about Phanneus?


Jack Kilmon