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Re: Are 1000 scribes too many? was Re: DSS Scribes

Moshe Schulman:

The assumption here is that the community of Khirbet Qumran was as static as
Elephantine was. I think the odds of this are small. Whatever the community
was used for, I think we can assume that there was a greater turnover of

And what about the graveyard close to the settlement. Didn't contain 
about a thousand graves? 

By the way:
As to origin, has anybody made a spectographic analysis of the clay 
of the jars that contained for example the Isaiah scroll from cave 
one? I mean if the clay comes from around Qumran, it probably places 
the burden of proof on the shoulders of those who would maintain that 
this peice of writing came from Jerusalem (then it should have been 
unpacked and repacked at Qumran). However, did the clay come from 
Jerusalem, somebody will have a problem to explain away.

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