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Re: One Thousand Scribes

   Greg, this is highly interesting...

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996 10:12:35 GMT +100, GD@teol.ku.dk writes:

   [... snip, snip ... already related material omitted ...]

>One of the Qumran texts in the caves explicitly tells of a
>hiding of resources from Jerusalem and gives a first-person 
>reference which may help identify who was behind the whole thing.
>I refer to 3Q15 3.9 and the hiding of "my garments", which 
>appears to point to a high priest from Jerusalem.

   If you were a betting man, would he be someone as late as Jesus' brother

>Greg Doudna
   Also, have you noted the state of the "Final Report" on Qumran?  It seems
   only a Reisner with his Boston money, now not as available (vide BMFA),
   could dig and publish everything.  There _is_ a private money solution if
   enough people worldwide can collar their investor friends.  In fact, it
   could be done just with credit.  Providing the researchers were willing to
   "sell" the venture itself.  Indiana Jones shouldn't get aall the money!

Tom Simms