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thanks and bibliography

1) Thank you, Martin Abegg, for the interesting scribal hand list.

2) Some of the following may be of interest, in response to Ben Wright:
R. Bauckham. "A Quotation
 from 4QSecond Ezekiel in the Apocalypse of
Peter" RQ 15 (1991-92) 437-45

A.T. Hanson, "Hodayoth VI and VII and Hermes 'Sim.' VIII" Studia Patristica
10 (1) (1970) 105-8

M. Kister. "Barnabas 12:1; 4:3 and 4Q Second Ezekiel" Rev.Bib. 97 (1990)

A.F.J. Klijn "Jerome's Quotations from a Nazarean Interpretation of Isaiah"
Rech. de Sci. Rel. 60 (1972) 241-55.

J.T. Milik. "4Qvisions de 'Amram et une citation d'Origene" Rev. Bib. 79
(1972) 77-97. [homily 35 on Lk 12:58-9]

Y. Zur "Parallels between Acts of Thomas 6-7 and 4Q184" RQ 16 (1993) 241-55.

            S. Goranson