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Re: One Thousand Scribes

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>In addition to the mss you mention:
>>    -- the same scribe wrote 1QS (1QSa, 1QSb),
>>        4QTest, 4QSam(c), 2QJer, and wrote
>>        corrections on 1QIsa(a)
>>    -- the same scribe wrote 1QpHab and 11QTemple(b)
>>    -- the same scribe wrote 4QpPs(a), 4QpHos(a),
>>            and 4QpIsa(a)
>consider (critical work still remains to be done!):
>4Q174 and 4Q159?
>4Q259 and 4Q319 (or the same ms?)
Yes, sure the separation is artifical. The fragments of 4QS^e (=4Q259)
continue on PAM 43.283 (missing in Charlesworth´s edition) and belong to the
same column as 4QOtot (=4Q319). The existence of a calendar-section in this
position, where 1QS 9,26 - 10 has the section of the "appointed times", is
of great interest for the history of the Community Rule(/s).

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