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Benjamin G. Wright wrote:
> Dear ORION list members,
> I have been doing some research on the DSS in Early Christian Lit.
> (not NT). I am writing to ask if anyone knows any recent bibliography
> on the issues. One area that has been written on is the relationship between
> "Ebionite" literature/Jewish Christianity and Qumran (Fitzmyer and others).
> Several Church Fathers know pseudepigrapha found at Qumran, most
> notably, Pseudo-Ezekiel. Justin and Origen know the same Greek
> textual tradition as the Nahal Hever Minor Prophets scroll.
> When early Christianity is invoked vis-a-vis the scrolls it is usually
> New Testament. I haven't come across any extended treatment of other
> Early Christian Lit and the Scrolls. Am I missing something I should
> have encountered? Thanks for any help. Please email me privately at
> bgw1@lehigh.edu unless it would be of wider interest to the list.

	I believe that any "quest" for the literature of Yeshuine Jews
among the DSS corpus should focus on very Jewish texts. New Testament
writings are anachronistic.  I would focus on the Testament and Wisdom

Jack Kilmon