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Re: One Thousand Scribes


In addition to the mss you mention:

>    -- the same scribe wrote 1QS (1QSa, 1QSb),
>        4QTest, 4QSam(c), 2QJer, and wrote
>        corrections on 1QIsa(a)
>    -- the same scribe wrote 1QpHab and 11QTemple(b)
>    -- the same scribe wrote 4QpPs(a), 4QpHos(a),
>            and 4QpIsa(a)
consider (critical work still remains to be done!):

4Q174 and 4Q159?
4Q259 and 4Q319 (or the same ms?)
4Q276 and 4Q493 (this is a sure thing in my estimation)
4Q280 and 5Q11 and 4Q390
4Q397 and 4Q471a(?)
Sl110 and 4Q463
4Q327 and 4Q394 (or same ms?)
4Q491 I have decided is actually 3 mss of the same hand (4Q491 causes me to
consider that there may be numerous mss that are actually 2 or more
fragmentary works copied by the same scribe).


Martin Abegg
Director, Dead Sea Scrolls Institute
Trinity Western University