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Re: Herod-Era DSS

I did not follow this thread from the beginning, and I am quoting a double
quote, so I have no idea who said what, but the following ...

> > >my view is that MMT was written long
> > >after the death of the TR and the passing of the urgent apocalyptic
> phase,
> > >i.e. after the sectarians had nothing better to due than quibble minor 
> > >points of law.

is mind-boggling.  The entire context of MMT is one of ultimate importance
and the centrality of "minor points of law" in the Weltanshaung of the
group(s) behind the scrolls found at Qumran is clear from many other
texts;  nonetheless, the idea that questions of law, such as purity and
impurity, can create and destroy distinct social groupings is so hard for
some people to grasp.  The entire phrase "minor points of law" stems from
a predisposition to view the world from behind very specific lenses, and
an inability to remove them when needed.

Chaim Milikowsky