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Re: calendar

Philip Davies writes:

>  Are Orion subscribers (a) aware and (b) in agreement that a calendar of 12
>  months of 30 days is Zoroastrian? This is a real question, not a
>  one. I have come across the claim, but have not been able to verify it to
>  my own satisfaction yet. Any help would be appreciated.
>  Philip R Davies
>  Department of Biblical Studies
>  University of Sheffield

You might take a look at the brief discussion in 

Mary Boyce (editor/translator)
Textual Sources for the Study of Zoroastrianism
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1984

She discusses the Zoroastrian calendar on pp. 19-20, beginning with the
comment that "From ancient times the Iranians had a year of twelve months
with thirty days each."  It was only in the third century CE that an extra 5
days were added to stabilize the year.  This is interesting in light of the
description of the Egyptian solar calendar by Herodotus, which in the 5th
century BCE already had a 5 day adjustment.  The calendar in 1 Enoch has a 4
day adjustment, as is well known.  Then the polemics in 1 Enoch 82:4-6
against those who omit the 4 days, and thus apparently observe a 360 day
year, is just conceivably against the Zoroastrian 360 day calendar.

-- Russell Gmirkin