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Re: Herod-Era DSS

At 07:37 AM 10/29/96 -0700, you wrote:

Just a point; not everyone who participates here is a male.

>     I have for years agreed with what has been presented below. I feel, 
>though, that there is a connection between this group, and, at least, the 
>Egyptian-in-Exile group as begun and continued by the Onias family. What 
>do you think??

I think it would be a nice reconstruction if it were not pure speculation
without a shred of evidence to support it.  If we are to simply speculate
then I think the Essenes wrote the scrolls while sitting atop short poles so
that they could have longer daylight hours.   This is the reason that there
is not much evidence of writing materials at Qumran- when the poles were
used by the Romans for firewood to burn the walls of Qumran, the inkpots
were thrown in as well.

But, as I cannot prove this I will rightly be termed a loon for presenting a
hypothesis without evidence.  :)


Jim West, ThD
Professor of Biblical Languages
Petros TN