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Re: The Historical Jesus Versus Faith?

On Sat, 26 Oct 1996 22:53:11 +0100 (BST),  P.Davies@sheffield.ac.uk writes:
The point was about provenance, so it seemed apropos though I haven't been
called to get gnu knuckles.  I'm still waiting.  I thot I had only a day or
so and had little time.


>Somehoe we have got onto the historicla Jesus, who, pace Thiering, has no
>Qumran connection. We know little about him tha is reliable, and not much
>more about Paul wjhose edited letters no doubt contain authentic material,
>if we can recognize it, and identify the geniuine ones in the first place.
>The reason the West is Christian has to do with Constantine. Who knows, he
>might have seen a chariot throne and converted to Judaism; then who would
>we have had to persecute? Or he night have opted for Mthraism. That would
>have made a more interesting set of Christmas rituals.
>Looking for Jesus will not change anything. People believe what they
>believe. Whereas with the Scrolls most of us are open to persuasion. So,
>back to Qumran, please?
>Philip R Davies
>Department of Biblical Studies
>University of Sheffield