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Re: The Historical Jesus Versus Faith?

Somehoe we have got onto the historicla Jesus, who, pace Thiering, has no
Qumran connection. We know little about him tha is reliable, and not much
more about Paul wjhose edited letters no doubt contain authentic material,
if we can recognize it, and identify the geniuine ones in the first place.

The reason the West is Christian has to do with Constantine. Who knows, he
might have seen a chariot throne and converted to Judaism; then who would
we have had to persecute? Or he night have opted for Mthraism. That would
have made a more interesting set of Christmas rituals.

Looking for Jesus will not change anything. People believe what they
believe. Whereas with the Scrolls most of us are open to persuasion. So,
back to Qumran, please?

Philip R Davies
Department of Biblical Studies
University of Sheffield