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Re: Dss related questions (copper scroll)

     Okay. I am shooting from the hip here and haven't had the time to sit
down and research all of this. I will admit that and the fact that I don't
have the time to even attempt to continue this thread further. You obviously
do have the time and have proven my memory wrong in a number of instances. I
am not an expert in Roman history, obviously. Clearly, I am not as informed
as I thought that I was on these Battles. It was my recollection that there
was a battle in Egypt in 168 between the Romans and Antiochus IV. I don't
have time to look up the sources. I guess that I am wrong about the name of
the battle. I don't have Josephus here, much less Goldstein, though I may be
able to look at them sometime this week in the library. I don't even have
time to look at I and II Maccabees in detail. You have me at a disadvantage,
friend. For the moment and possibly forever, I yield. If at some point in the
future, I come accross the evidence that I remember, I will post it to the

Down for the count,
-David Jay Kaufman