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Re: Nabonidus

RGmyrken@aol.com wrote:

> >  Your reservations about the date of babylonian astrology are in order.
> >  However, certain observations are called for.  Although astrology is a
> >  late comer to Mesopotamian science, astral divination is much older.
> >  Stars and planets were considered bearers of omens as early as the
> >  old-babylonian period and probably even before that.  Mathematical
> >  astronomy developed much later after centuries of star-gazing and
> >  meticulous observation.  Astrology is some kind of new phenomenon not to
> >  be confused with the others.  

	Were there not astrological texts found among the Ebla tablet 
cache?  What is the date of the ruins of the astrological school/temple
at the site of Abu-Habbah (Sippar)?  I was under the impression that
it was an Old Babylonian (Sumerian) site.

Jack Kilmon