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Heliopolis =? Leontopolis

David Jay Kaufman wrote (excerpted):
>       Essentially the temple was built at a place called Leontopolis in the
> "district of Onias" or "Onias' Land". It was constructed by Onias IV circa
> 150 BCE. Josephus says that the area was called Heliopolis. 

Does any ancient author identify Heliopolis with "Leontopolis"? My
impression is that Leontopolis reflects a modern attempt to locate the
site, including some archaeological explorations about a century ago,
and the identification may be entirely misleading; but if this is a
false impression, I'd like to be corrected. Recent work on the
Heliopolis tradition includes the PhD dissertation of Gidi Bohak at
Princeton (now Gidi is at UMichigan, and may be listening in).

Bob Kraft, UPenn