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Re: The Essene Name

Ian Hutchesson wrote:

> Russell Gmirkin wrote:
>  >Two very good Ebionite primary source, available in one of the older 
>  >collections of writings of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, are the Kerygma 
>  >Petrou and the Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions.
>  I'm intrigued (partially through ignorance) how one knows that ClemRec
>  into the murky category of being an Ebionite writing. (Not going into any
>  deep analysis of the text I saw it quite influenced by Greek thought and
>  presentation of argument given a lot of strong dialogue.) As a matter of
>  fact any other leads on the text would be appreciated.

Schoeps seems to have sound arguments.  According to Epiphanius, "They also
use other books, namely the so-called Itinerary of Peter written by
Clement..." (Panarion 30.15.1); "In the Ascents of James they... have James
expounding against the temple and sacrifices, and against the fire on the
altar; and there a good many other inanities" (Panarion 30.16.7).  Embedded
within the 3rd-4th century Clementine Recognitions are older materials
obviously belonging to the Acts of Peter and the Ascents of James.
 Epiphanius also records the Ebionites being anti-Paul, while a marginal note
in at least one MSS of ClemRec identifies "Saul" as the hostile man who
attacked James (at the climax of the Ascent of James passage).
>  (And is Schoeps still in print?)
I sincerely doubt it.

-- Russell Gmirkin