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Re: Various random dss related questions

> I have a few questions that perhaps some of the kind souls on the list
>  be able to answer for me.
>  1. Besides the Copper Scroll, which is taken to relate to temple treasures
>  and  imminent danger and thus probably to the first Jewish war, which
>  documents can be seen to relate to, or show evidence of having been
>  at, a period after 62 BCE (Scaurus kills)?
>  Thanks for any help on any of these.
>  Ian Hutchesson  

Personally, I don't see evidence for the _composition_ of any texts after 62

(1) Yadin dated the War Scroll after this date based on the Roman weaponry
and tactics described therein, but my article on "Roman Weaponry and the War
Scroll Reconsidered" in DSD [last winter it was reportedly coming out in the
"next" issue!?] shows 1QM 2-9 reflects 2nd century BCE Roman practices.  

(2) pNah and pHab are sometimes dated after 62 BCE due to references to the
Kittim, but in both cases I find this argument unconvincing.  There is no
reason why references to the Romans could not have predated the Roman
conquest of Judea.

(3) In the whole scrolls corpus there appears to be no even veiled reference
to the Herods.

Did the sectarians (wherever they resided) stop composing new texts in the
Roman period???  

-- Russell Gmirkin