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Re: 4QLevi b ar

On the reading:
1. The material reading of a badly preserved text is always
2. We used a series of computer enhanced pictures on screen
and we were both certain of the reading.
3. I had occasion recently to check it again and remain

Of course, Rob Kugler has also done a very detailed study of
the Aramaic Levi material, and he is free to differ in opinion
from us. I suppose if we both sit down together we might reach
a consensus.

Or we might not!

May I observe that I did not propose an etymology for Essene. I
simply pointed out that in assessing the possibility of its being
from XSY, the occurrence of this form in Qumran Literary Aramaic
makes it more plausible than its absence previously from Western
Aramaic did. I myself do not have an opinion about the origin of
Essene and so do not need to resolve the matter in Macc. which
I must leave to those wiser than me.

Michael Stone