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Re: DSS in Hebrew, not in Rashi Script

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Niels Peter Lemche wrote:

> Dear AVigdor,
> I thought the name was Frankruhl - at least that name is given by my 
> word processor for what I would call a classic square printed 
> typeface.
> A lot of confusion here?

The "confusion" is the result of copyright laws. While computer font
(screen and printer) names sometimes come perilously close to infringing
copyright,  they are never the exact same name as a typeface font. These
names and designs, both print and computer, are protected.

In any case, isn't "Hebrew" Naveh's designation for the square DSS 
script? And, isn't it just a bit anachronistic to refer to the scroll
scripts by modern names? 


PS: Copyright infringement on font design is something with which I am
intimately familiar...  I've lost track of how many of my computer font
designs have been pirated. (All the pirate has to do is to add a hairline,
or increase internal whitespace, etc. I've even run across a Bitstream (c) 
design pirated as is... and on a major project!) 
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