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4QLevi b ar

Dear Prof. Stone,
Thanks for your post on xsy'. I have read your article in Le Museon and
I have read Robert Kugler's treatment (reading xsyd). Kugler says
something to the effect that your reading isa materially impossible. (Let
me know if you wish a precise quote and reference, which I have, but not
at hand.) Some others readers apparently agree with him. Jonas greenfield
(of blessed memory) told me you all had enhanced photos which show your
reading; but the Le Museon article apparently didn't use them--will they
be printed? I would appreciate any comment on this as well as on your 
translation (e.g. who is the "her"?) Also, do you take your Aramaic
root to have the same meaning as Hebrew HSD? (Apparently, there is
some disagreement.) And, finally, would you link the Aramaic proposed
etymology to the Hebrew Hasidim (Asidaioi in 1 & 2 Maccabees)?
Thanks in advance for any response. Sincerely, Stephen Goranson