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Re: Various random dss related questions

> Ian,
>       I would even question whether the Copper Scroll dates from the
> I would date it to the conflict between the Oniads and the Hasmoneans
>  159 BCE). Once the Oniads knew that they were going to lose, they grabbed 
> the treasure, stashed it, and fled. Later, they were able to recover much
or all
>  of it. I don't think that there are internal dates which preclude this
>  possibility, are there?
>  -David Jay Kaufman

Dear David,

Apologies in advance for my bibliographical vagueness

The reference to the "queen's residence" near Jericho at 6.11 surely carries 
chronological significance.  This may refer to a royal residence of a
or Hasmonean queen [see Bargil Pixner's article, Unravelling the Copper
RevQ 11 p. 349] or (a less likely long shot) one of the Ptolemaic Cleopatra's

who occasionally controlled portions of Palestine.   

All three possibilities are later than your proposed 159 BCE dating.

Pixner also points out a series of locations in Transjordan in the Copper
that only came under Judean control under Hyrkanus and Jannaeus.

Likewise the reference to Beth-Hakoz (the estate of Hakos) near Jericho 
at 7.9 seems inconsistent with your 159 date.  As Kyle McCarter 
("The Mystery of the Copper Scroll" in Herschel Shank's book, 
Understanding the Dead Sea Scrolls) notes on p. 239, the priestly 
House of Hakkoz owned property near Jericho (cf. Neh. 3:2, 4, 22-23) 
and were in charge of the temple treasury (Neh. 3:4 cf. Ezra 8:33).  
Eupolemus the historian and diplomat was also of the Akkos family 
(1 Macc. 8:17).  The problem with your scenario is that Eupolemus was 
clearly a Maccabean partisan in 159 (between his diplomatic mission to Rome 
for Judas Maccabaeus in 162 and his writing his pro-Maccabaeus history in 
158/57), whereas you evidently propose the temple treasures were hidden 
on the Hakkoz estate on behalf of the rival (in your scenario) Onias clan, 
further based on your hypothesis that Alcimus was an Oniad.

So by all internal indicators I'm aware of, your hypothesis regarding the 
Copper Scroll is not borne out...  

"Back to the drawing board"?

Russell Gmirkin