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Re: Isaiahites?

     I have a couple of questions. 

     1. What other examples are there of Hebrew words clearly begining with A
sounds; ie Assaya, changing to E sounds in Greek?

     2. What evidence of Healing is there in the DSS? What evidence is there
that is not directly related to priestly healing, if that is found? Is the
evidence significant in and of itself. Does it amount to enough evidence to
form a foundational link? I am assuming, granted this is not always the case,
that that which would define a group either internally or externally would
result in its name.

     In my view, I do not see healing as defining characteristic. This group
seems to have been immersed in prophesy and in righteousness, not in healing.

-David Jay Kaufman
HUC-JIR Jerusalem
Rabbinical Student