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Re: Isaiahites?

PWEGNER@BROWNVM.brown.edu wrote:
> >> the most plausible etymology of the name Essene would be Philo's association
> > with the Greek word 'Essaioi' or 'Osioi'  which means holy; pious; purity fro
> > defilement.< [J Kilman]
> Liddell & Scott says that *'osios* means "sanctioned or approved by the law
> of nature" (in contrast to *dikaios* which means established by human law,
> and also to *hieros* which means "sacred, reserved to the gods", *'osios
> means"what is not so reserved but is permitted for man's use" (in other words,
> secular, "profane" as opposed to "sacred").
> That would seem to be just the opposite of the above.  But then the dictionary
> gives a secondary meaning:  (of persons) "pious, devout, scrupulous, religious"
> (in the ritualistic sense).  This secondary meaning certainly seems to fit the
> Essenes.  But how does one get from meaning (1)    to meaning (2), which would
> seem to be diametrically opposed to (1)?
> Puzzled in Providence

	The above quote, attributed to me, is not mine.  I may have responded
the original poster stating my belief in ASSAYA (pl) as the source of
given Philo's parallel "Therapeutae."

Jack Kilmon