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Re: Isaiahites?

Vernon Chadwick wrote:

> Dear Orionites,
> Sorry to barge in, perhaps I missed the beginning of the thread. But could
> someone tell a layman
> about the current available proposals for the etymology of the name
> Essene/Ossene?
>         In my humble opinion, although I find many of the alternatives intriguing,
> the most plausible etymology of the name Essene would be Philo's association
> with the Greek word 'Essaioi' or 'Osioi'  which means holy; pious; purity from
> defilement.

	The parallel with Philo's Therapeutae leads me to believe that ESSAIOI
the Greek rendering of the Aramaic ASSAYA (pl) "Healers." Wonder if that
those guys, all dressed in dazzling white (like Essenes) in the tomb
with a
hundred pounds of medicinal herbs? (wink)

  Jack Kilmon