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Re: The Essene Name

Russell Gmirkin wrote:

>Two very good Ebionite primary source, available in one of the older 
>collections of writings of the Ante-Nicene Fathers, are the Kerygma 
>Petrou and the Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions.
I'm intrigued (partially through ignorance) how one knows that ClemRec falls
into the murky category of being an Ebionite writing. (Not going into any
deep analysis of the text I saw it quite influenced by Greek thought and
presentation of argument given a lot of strong dialogue.) As a matter of
fact any other leads on the text would be appreciated.

>Though novelistic, 
>they are, however, somewhat dry reading due to their sheer length, 
>and it is hard to abstract the essential Ebionite beliefs at first read.
ClemRec is actually fun to get into and one can find a lot of interest in
it, but I don't recommend that one tries to read it like a novel. Amongst
other things it supplies further traditions of James the Just as well as a
considerable amount on Simon Magus.

(And is Schoeps still in print?)

Ian Hutchesson

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