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Various random dss related questions

I have a few questions that perhaps some of the kind souls on the list might
be able to answer for me.

1. Besides the Copper Scroll, which is taken to relate to temple treasures
and  imminent danger and thus probably to the first Jewish war, which
documents can be seen to relate to, or show evidence of having been written
at, a period after 62 BCE (Scaurus kills)?

2. Is there any reason seen behind which documents are on papyrus?

3. Are there any patterns in the physical distribution of the coins found at
Qumran? Where were they found?

4. Is there any solid reason to believe that the pre-Herodian occupation was
of the same people as those post-Herod?

5. Is there any evidence for when the nearer caves were cut and when they
were last used?

6. Has there been indications of any of the Psalms of Solomon (eg Pompey in
the temple is a possibility)?

Thanks for any help on any of these.

Yours, all,

Ian Hutchesson