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"Applications" Conference

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                      BAR ILAN UNIVERSITY

                   FACULTY OF JEWISH STUDIES



 Application of the Social Sciences to the Study of Judaism in

                      November 5-7, 1996

                        Beck Auditorium


November 5, 1996
     4:00-4:30 PM - Greetings
          Y. Friedlander, Rector
          J. Dishon, Dean, Faculty of Jewish Studies
     4:30-7:00 PM - Opening Session
          M. Douglas (London), "Radical Dissent, Religious
          Minorities and Incipient Sectarianism in the Social

          R. Elior (Jerusalem), "Consolidation of Sectarian
          Consciousness - Enoch and the Solar Calendar in late
          Antiquity as Representing an Alternative Priestly

November 6, 1996
     9:30-10:00 AM - Coffee and Cake
     10:-12:30 - First Session
          S. Talmon (Jerusalem), "Calendar, Calendar Controversy
          and Calendar Reform in Ancient Israel"

          M. Herr (Jerusalem), "Statistical Methods in the Study
          of Second Temple Literature"

     1:00-2:00 PM - Lunch
     2:00-7:00 PM - Second Session
          T. Ilan (Jerusalem), "The Use of Statistics in the
          Study of Ancient Judaism"

          H. Goldberg (Jerusalem), "Anthropology, The Bible and
          Feminism: Thoughts from an Israeli Classroom"

          Y. Bilu (Jerusalem), "'Ye Shall not Round the Corners
          of Your Head..'" A Psycho-cultural Analysis of Ritual
          Haircutting Among 3-Year old Male Children"

          A. Baumgarten (Ramat Gan), "Sectarianism - A Model
          Based on the Ancient Jewish Evidence"

November 7, 1996
     9:30-10:00 AM - Coffee and Cake
     10:00-12:30 - First Session
          M. Weinfeld (Jerusalem), "The Crystallization of the
          Community of the Exiles ( )"

          M. Bar Ilan (Ramat Gan), "Major Trends in Jewish
          Society in the Land of Israel during the Second
          Commonwealth and the Mishnah and Talmud Era"

     1:00-2:00 PM - Lunch
     2:00-7:00 PM - Second Session
          G. Blidstein (Beersheva), "Loyalty to Masters and
          Teachers: Comparative Aspects of a Dual Loyalty"   

          Z. Safrai (Ramat Gan), "The Rabbis as an Elite"

          A. Schremer (Ramat Gan), "Reading Beyond the Words:
          Interpreting Talmudic Discourse Anthropologically" 

          N. Rubin (Ramat Gan), "The Use of Sociological Methods
          in Explaining Changes in Ancient Jewish Family

Professor Douglas's visit to Israel is made possible by the
initiative and hospitality of Mishkenot Shaananim, and the Van
Leer Institute, of Jerusalem