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Re: Nabonidus

Gunnar Stacke writes

Dear DSS List Members,

Where to find the Prayer of Nabonidus in modern translation as well as in DSS
original Aramaic (or Hebrew)?  Is the general opinion among DSS scholars that
this text (Prayer...) depends on Daniel 4, or is it rather the other way

Thanks for any help

The Aramaic and an English translation with line-by-line commentary and 
good general discussion may be conveniently found at pp. 116-136 in 

Florentino Garcia Martinez
Qumran and Apocalyptic:  Studies on the Aramaic Texts from Qumran
E. J. Brill, Leiden, 1992

One opinion is that the Prayer of Nabonidus is more-or-less the genetic 
forerunner of Daniel 4.  And the departure of Nabonidus to the oasis of
does appear to be the historical incident ultimately underlying Daniel 4.
it has also been proposed that the original Qumran document may have 
included parallel accounts of _both_ the exile and healing of Nabonidus _and_
Nebuchadnezzar (as in Daniel 4).

-- Russell Gmirkin