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Re: "para-biblical literature"

Dear Ian,
Haran's book is in hebrew. His Hebrew is beautifl as it always is, but 
this particular volume is extremely difficult reading. He deals with 
complicated subjects such as the canonicity of Ben Sira, hand defilement, 
the process of canonization, Genizah, etc. and his arguments include 
subtle and minute analyses of Mishnah, Tosephta, and Talmud passages. 
The volume will be the first in a trilogy.  Unfortunately, very little of 
this volume has been published by the author reviously in English or 
hebrew (cf. the bibliography in his Festschrift).  I assume he will 
eventually have it translated to English, but first he will certainly  
comlete the work in Hebrew.  I think (but am not sure) that one of the 
two projected volumes will contain much of his work on the physical 
character of the pre-medieval Hebrew book and scroll, much of which is 
available already in both Hebrew and English.
People who know Haran's previous work on cult and P will be very 
surprised to read a volume such as "The Biblical Canon".  It's the 
product of years of work and great erudition which, as Haran might put it 
stayed underground (like P) until its publication and promulgation.