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Herod and Herod's Wall??

Herod and Herod's Wall??

CBCNewsWorld today carried a Joe Schlesinger piece on the
Arab/Israeli conflict, complete with pix of King Hussein's visit
to the West Bank.

Once more, they showed cuts of rock throwing coupled wtih cuts of
praying.  Once more I recall my puzzle about the adulation Jews
offer to Herod's cyclopean ashlars.  Once more the puzzle of the
legend of Mohammed's horse's last footprint.

Herod was the most reviled and hated of Jewish monarchs.  Recent
posts on our lists have shown this once more.  He reaped enough
wealth in short order as the gateway to the riches of Araby to
out temple the Temple of Amen at Luxor.  He did it by raising the
river of wealth, bringing up all boats on its flood.  Yet for
ritual reasons he was hated and despised, descending at the end
of his reign into an orgy of tragic familial slaughter.  

The Eastern Wall's famous "joint" may show one face of the
restored second temple, post captivity, wall.  Behind that may lie 
what remains of Solomon's temple, much nearer the south end of the 
platform than the present site of prayer.  

So even the adulation may be misplaced.

Yet it continues.  Please explain to this sceptic why this is so?

Tom Simms
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