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Re: DSS in Hebrew

At 09:15 PM 10/14/96 -0400, you wrote:
>I am a graduate student attempting to write a paper on DSS, and would like to
>use the Hebrew texts instead of relying on the Garcia Martinez translation.  I
>asked my professor if I could use his Hebrew texts--he says he doesn't have
>all, and was rather vague about the ones he does have.  He suggested I get them
>through Interlibrary loan, and said the most complete one he knew of was
done by

Sounds like he doesn't want to loan out his own stuff!!

>So I looked for Lohse (no first name) 

I am pretty sure its Eduard.
The title is "Die Texte aus Qumran"

>and there were several dozen entries in
>the state university system library, but none appeared to have authored
>that sounded even remotely like Dead Sea Scrolls translated into German.  Is
>Lohse the only edition of the DSS in Hebrew available to graduate students
>outside the major centers of DSS scholarship? 

Nope.  Princeton U. is currently making them available. 2 vol. out already
(of 10 projected).  Westminster is the publisher.

> If so, what is his first name?
>If not, what other authors/titles should I be looking for?  (I've gotten
>Schechter's  Zadokite fragments from my university library and have, and was
>able to request  Yadin's "Megilat milhemet bene or bi-vene hoshekh" from ILL.
>What about the more recently discovered texts?
>Many thanks...
>                                          Beruriah Bloom

About the recent stuff- the best you can do is get either a journal where
they are published; the Discoveries in the Judean Desert volumes you want;
or look for yourself at the photos available in 2 volumes from (and I hate
to say it) the Biblical Archaeology Society.

(and if you really get in a bind I will photocopy the Hebrew side of Lohse
for you- but don't tell anyone)  :)


Jim West, ThD
Professor of Biblical Languages
Petros TN