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DSS in Hebrew

I am a graduate student attempting to write a paper on DSS, and would like to
use the Hebrew texts instead of relying on the Garcia Martinez translation.  I
asked my professor if I could use his Hebrew texts--he says he doesn't have them
all, and was rather vague about the ones he does have.  He suggested I get them
through Interlibrary loan, and said the most complete one he knew of was done by

So I looked for Lohse (no first name) and there were several dozen entries in
the state university system library, but none appeared to have authored anything
that sounded even remotely like Dead Sea Scrolls translated into German.  Is
Lohse the only edition of the DSS in Hebrew available to graduate students
outside the major centers of DSS scholarship?  If so, what is his first name?
If not, what other authors/titles should I be looking for?  (I've gotten
Schechter's  Zadokite fragments from my university library and have, and was
able to request  Yadin's "Megilat milhemet bene or bi-vene hoshekh" from ILL.
What about the more recently discovered texts?

Many thanks...

                                          Beruriah Bloom