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Re: 4Q318

Dear Seth,

I amjust a lurker on this list about the Dead sea Scrolls and do not have the
academic qualifications equal to most of you on this list.  But I do have a
question that I hesitate to post to the list in general as I would only
betray my lack of scholarship and probably annoy them.  On the other hand, I
*do* have a question. 

So I was hoping that you might assist me.  I am fascinated by this business
of the Mesopotamian/Helenestic influences and when it entered Israel and
whether it did from Mesopotamia or Greeks....

It seems clear to me that there is evidence of religious syncretism quite
early in Israel.  Aside from Solomen indulging his 1000 brides with the means
to wrship their own gods, wouldn't ideas and influences have entered Israel
merely as a matter of the trade routes and so forth?  

I certainly can not offer any evidence for this observation.  But considering
where Israel is located and the number of times there have been attempts to
own this section of the Levant from prehistoric times to the present, it
seems only logical and sort of Occam's Razorish to.

I do have an MA in Theological Studies from Gordon Conwell Theological
Seminary in Hamilton MA and I concentrated on Church History, so am not
entirely ignorant!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!

Gloriamarie Amalfitano
La Mesa, CA