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two corrections

1) On 2 Oct I offhandedly speculated about the identity of the patron
of Josephus, Epaphroditus, and may have mixed two contemporary freedmen
in Rome. One worked for Nero; one had a big library (30,000 volumes)-- if
indeed they are separate. The literature I've seen so far is not conclusive;
each has been proposed as a possibility.

2) Perhaps more importantly, I left out a qualifier in describing the fine
article by J. Magness in DSD 2 (1995) 58-65, when I posted 4 Oct. She dates
the end of period Ib to 9/8 BCE *or shortly thereafter*  Following a brief
gap (of as little as one winter or as much as several years), Qumran was
inhabited by the same [I add: Essene] people. She does not pinpoint the year
of destruction but notes it is "tempting" to associate the revolts which
followed Herod's death. Herod died, not before passover 4 BCE but in the
winter of 4/3 BCE, according to a good article by A. Kushnir-Stein in
Scripta Classica Israelica 14 (1995) 73-86.
sincerely, Stephen Goranson  North Carolina