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Re: 4Q318

Dear all,
Not only deutero-Isaiah is not enamoured with gentile astral omens 
(I am not sure whether astrology was yet known in the ANE) but Nahum also 
may have taken a swipe at it. In the last chapter he says about Nineveh 
Minzerayik ka'arbeh, tafserayik gov-govai- your minzarim are like 
locusts, your tafsarim as grasshoppers.  It has been suggested that 
tafsarayik in this verse is an abbreviation of the Akkadian term tupshar 
enuma-anu-enlil, i.e. a scribe expert in the series of astronomical omens 
enum-anu- enlil.
As for the problematic inclinations towards astrology at qumran, may I 
refer to Ibn-Ezra, an astronomer and astrologer. He doesn't seem to have 
been bothered, so why should the covenanters?  Even Maimonides regards 
stars as more than physical beings. The problem with them is that they 
became at a very early date (in the time of ENosh) objects of worship, 
diverting mankind from  worship of their boss, the true God.

Avigdor Hurowitz

PS, the late JOnas Greenfield wrote an article on brontologies which 
might interest the members. Find reference in his Memorial Festchrift.  

On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Jim West wrote:

> At 12:25 PM 10/11/96 -0500, you wrote:
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> >    In the immediate context, i.e., the condemnation oracle against 
> >Babylon, sorcery (v. 12) is mentioned as condemnable in Exod. 22:18, 
> >spiritism, a like concept is condemned in Lev. 20:6, 20:27.  Isa. 
> >8:19 asks the question:  should not a people consult their G'd 
> >(instead of mediums and spiritists)?  In Isa. 47, is not G'd mocking 
> >the practices of the Babylonians which will not deliver them from His 
> >coming wrath?  It seems to make sense then that He would desire for 
> >His people to avoid practices which would lead to self-deception.  
> >Including astrology in a passage which also condemns sorcery, which 
> >is clearly forbidden for Israel, seems to be a good case for guilt by 
> >association.
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> >Yours,
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> >Dave Fouts
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> thanks Dave,
> You make my point but better.
> jim
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