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Re: Bisectual Qumram

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,Ian wrote:

<< You can't imagine 200 years of continuous
 occupation of the site by the same people: it was abandoned for over thirty
 years and not reconstructed immediately after some natural catastrophe. The
 earthquake theory for the abandonment of the site circa 40 BCE, there would
 be no reason to go away and return forty years later to rebuild: why not
 rebuild immediately? So there is a lack of continuity. Assuming it was
 relatives of the same bunch that came back, can you think of a scenario that
 would explain the fact that all those documents, dated prior to the
 abandonment, were found with no evidence of later additions -- possibly
 other than the generally anomolous Copper Scroll? >>

Other than the scrolls applicable to the second revolt, were all the other
scrolls written or copied before the earthquake which you date to 40 BCE? 

 Can carbon dating date so fine?  Also, if the dating is based on the style
of  writing, did the same scribe retain his writing style as he grew older? 

Scribes were the inventors of the alphabet  from cuniform etc. and MT scribes
added the vowels for pronunciation of the Hebrew. Can we date the Q cave
scrolls to all before the earthquake or were you discribing one or several of
the caves where the scrolls were found?

Hasn't the Copper Scroll been identified as having been written after the
destruction of  the Temple.  That it represents the collection and hidding of
the Temple taxes for
reconstruction of the  Temple when that would become feasable?
I don't think anyone would use such pure copper  for a game of treasure hunt.