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Re: Bisectual Qumram

At 08:56 AM 10/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>At 12:56 AM 10/8/96 -0400, you wrote:
>>Where the townies the ones who brought their scrolls  (those who did not live
>>in Jerusalem must have read the Torah on the Sabbath somewhere else) to
>>Qumram's cave when the revolt with Rome turned bad?
>>Steve Abramowitz
>This is a very provocative idea, and certainly deserves real consideration.
>It does indeed make sense that the "townies", as you put it, went to the
>community headquarters when the Romans approached.
>The only problem is one of chronology.  Qumran, if destroyed in 68 (as seems
>to be the consensus!!!! ha!), would have disappeared before Jerusalem.
>Thus, the Essenes (ha, again!) who lived in other villages may well have
>taken their documents "home".  But what of the Jerusalemites?  Where would
>they have taken theirs?
>Anyway, this seems to be a possible solution for the "many hands" found to
>have written the Qumran documents.  So give us more info if you would.
>Jim West
>Petros TN

Colleagues, wouldn't a simple explanation of the many hands simply be that
over the course of ca. 200 years of existence of the Qumran community
(waxing and waning through those years), a considerable number of
individuals would have contributed to the community's scribal activities?