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Re: Bisectual Qumram

At 12:56 AM 10/8/96 -0400, you wrote:

>Where the townies the ones who brought their scrolls  (those who did not live
>in Jerusalem must have read the Torah on the Sabbath somewhere else) to
>Qumram's cave when the revolt with Rome turned bad?
>Steve Abramowitz

This is a very provocative idea, and certainly deserves real consideration.
It does indeed make sense that the "townies", as you put it, went to the
community headquarters when the Romans approached.
The only problem is one of chronology.  Qumran, if destroyed in 68 (as seems
to be the consensus!!!! ha!), would have disappeared before Jerusalem.
Thus, the Essenes (ha, again!) who lived in other villages may well have
taken their documents "home".  But what of the Jerusalemites?  Where would
they have taken theirs?
Anyway, this seems to be a possible solution for the "many hands" found to
have written the Qumran documents.  So give us more info if you would.


Jim West
Petros TN