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Re: Inkwells

Apologies Ian for responding to your Roman
inkwells question with lamps.  Checking the
1994 Masada reports again there seems to 
have been writing at Masada on the site both
by Jews and Romans, yet no report of
inkwell finds.  This suggests a comment on
Goranson's Sepphoris argument: unless there
is a destruction which interrupts items in
use, the Y number of inkwells in use in any
site's office, of small number and perhaps in
the same room, being portable and valuable,
are simply pocketed and go with the people in
any voluntary departure.  Therefore a site like
Masada with much evidence of use of inkwells
and no inkwells; they went out the door with
the last soldier turning off the lights...?

Still thinking about lamps,
Greg Doudna