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To the moderator of Orion

To the moderator of the Orion-list.

I am sorry to write this to the entire list, but I have misplaced the 

Dear Sir.
I appeal to you, to remove Mike Sanders - e-mail: mike92629@juno.com 
- from the list. I have - through other channels - had the dubious 
pleasure of corresponding with him, and apart from being vicious, 
foul-mouthed and ignorant about the things he purports to write 
about, he is also - and this is based on my correspondence with him - 
decidedly mad, and quite, quite able to make a lot of damage to an 
otherwise very fine list, including sending hate-mail to people who 
respond to him on the list. 

I am in general not in favour of censorship, but it is my firm 
belief, that a man like Mike Sanders has no place what-so-ever on a 
scholarly list.

T. Binger

Tilde Binger
University of Copenhagen
Dptm.of Biblical Studies
Kcbmagergade 44-46
DK-1150 Copenhagen K
Phone +45 35 32 36 58
Fax   +45 35 32 36 52
e-mail tb@teol.ku.dk