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Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the Web

No Mr. Hutchesson, giving my best shot would be the equivalent of child

On Tue, 08 Oct 1996 05:15:08 +0100 mc2499@mclink.it (Ian Hutchesson)
>Mikey Poo,
>When some dinkus starts using "Mr Hutchesson" to me, I quickly get the 
>that the person is playing the miffed prat.
>>I knew Von Daniken, Von Daniken is a crook, he jumped to unwarranted
>>conclusions just like Mr. Hutchesson.
>You were the one who asked the significance of NPL's passing comment 
>of the
>title as if you didn't know what "von Daniken" meant. You 
>unfortunately gave
>the wrong signal. If you knew what you say you knew here, why did you 
>>Now that we know that Shishak was _not_ Shoshenq,
>"know", sport, is a bit to strong here. But, as you know, the topic of 
>list is the Dead Sea Scrolls, and hopefully you aren't just following
>deliberate distraction, such as the original post was, with more 
>>the revised
>>chronology which has nothing to do with crypto anything might suprise
>>even our new found Kreskin.
>(Just because weird textual interpretations are flying around you 
>don't have
>to join the bandwagon. Wait a bit to see real reaction in the serious
>Egyprological world, and don't be so bloody rash.)
>>Another error on the part of our parapsychological enhanced friend is
>>that contrary to his remark that we have not been well received, we 
>>had at least ten times the number of interested parties than Mr.
>>Hutchesson and his one friend.
>Quality is plainly superior to quality. Who reads a bestseller ten 
>after? The good book lasts. 
>Scholarly endeavour is a matter of establishing as best as can be done 
>the time the relevant facts, not a matter of how to win friends and
>influence people. 
>As Hannibal Lecter said, "run along now, little starling."
>Ian Hutchesson
>The following trite list of startling revelations contains the usual 
>dose of
>BibleBelt biblical interpretative framework, ignorance about 
>lack of contact with reality, but I'm sure that this potpourri of 
>quasi-trivia will sell, though you should know it won't sell here.
>>Creation vs. Evolution
>>Codes in the Torah.
>>Sodom & Gomorrah: 1.5 million bodies found!
>>The Famines of the Patriachs- In Egyptian Records!
>>The Pyramids and The Sphinx, tombs or .......?
>>Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?
>>Dan, Dan, The Travelling Man
>>The Hyksos/The Israelites.
>>The Jericho Story:- The Bible and the Archaeology match at last.
>>The City of David found.
>>Solomon's Family- a son in Egypt!
>>Raiders of the Lost Ark:- Found.
>>Hear Oh Israel, Where Oh Israel?...The Lost tribes....found.
>>Ezra and The Great Assembly?
>>The Aleph-Bais, alphabet or Holy Language?
>>Esther the truth at last.
>>The Dead Sea Scrolls, a mystery solved.
>How many nongs have made these silly connections between Israel and 
>How many dumbos go in for the biblical letter of truth syndrome?
>How many football majors have post grads in Hebrew philology?
>How many times do we have to suffer this recycled coprolitic stuff?
>If I say I saw it the previous time, will you go away? Naaa, wishful
>thinking. Mikey, give us your best shot then disappear, will you?