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Re: inkwells, etc.

> JM Allegro called the inkwells found at Qumran "Roman type", as found in
> Rome and in Egypt. Are there any examples of these types of inkwell being
> used in other parts of Judaea? or are they literally what Allegro says and
> were brought there by the Romans?
> Ian Hutchesson

See Dan Barag and Malka Hershkovitz, "Lamps From Masada",
pp. 7-152, _Masada IV_ (Yadin Excavations Final Reports),
Jerusalem, 1994.  Of the variety of lamp types found at
Qumran and in the caves near Qumran most were made 
domestically.  Lamps appear to be the best diagnostic item
for dating of any class of material item at Qumran, apart
from coins, so far as I can see. 

Greg Doudna