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Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the Web

Dear Van Danniken fans,
I saw Chariots of the Gods in 1974 when it was showing in a Jerusalem 
cinema.  It was a beautiful travel log, making up for the black and white 
ilustrations in the book.  The  interesting thing is that the movie played 
for weeks, showing to packed houses.  It obviously  touched on the hearts of 
Israelis, known for their lack of religion but in search, none the less, 
of "rational" explanations of Bible stories which they believe in even 
when God is read out of them. In general, secular anti-religious Israel 
produced back then, as it does now, it's own Blue and White brand of 
atheist fundamentalists. I assume that the phenomenon is more wide spread 
than Israel, but go know!
Avigdor Hurowitz