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Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the Web

>>>The Dead Sea Scrolls, a mystery solved.
>Just what we've all been waiting for. Let's all rush our email addresses
>there with baited breath.<
>Well, Ian, I think it is is they who are "baiting" us!   You can "bait" them
>back if you wish; my breath, if I bother to hold it, will be *bated.*
>Judith Romney Wegner, Providence
Dear Judith,

Third! Normally I would have expected you to be first. Slowing down, eh?
Perhaps, I've been living too long in a land where individual letters make
individual sounds and so you don't waste time learning (or looking up) five
ways to write the one thing you say).

I'm getting to be a great fan on George Bernard Shaw's with regard to
English spelling reform, but I guess the reaction time of the user base is
worse than any Microsoft product so any change will probably be for the
worse and any attempt to alter that would be urinating into a stiff breeze.