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Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the Web

I am amazed to note the reaction of the great psychic Ian Hutchesson who
seems to know what even the organizers of the above don't.

I knew Von Daniken, Von Daniken is a crook, he jumped to unwarranted
conclusions just like Mr. Hutchesson.

Now that we know that Shishak was _not_ Shoshenq,( perhaps Mr. Hutchesson
is still following the old Champollion line however,) then the revised
chronology which has nothing to do with crypto anything might suprise
even our new found Kreskin.

Another error on the part of our parapsychological enhanced friend is
that contrary to his remark that we have not been well received, we have
had at least ten times the number of interested parties than Mr.
Hutchesson and his one friend.


Mike Sanders

On Mon, 07 Oct 1996 17:06:00 +0100 mc2499@mclink.it (Ian Hutchesson)
>Dear Tom,
>If you hadn't noticed, the reaction to the " Mysteries of the Bible 
>and Resolved" was not positive. This is because it is almost certainly 
>crypto-fundamentalist or Von Dannikenesque vomit, that definitely 
>belong on this list. Repeat: it has no place here. I therefore don't
>particularly think any counterproposals of a similar ilk are needed.
>Most people on this list have some background knowledge as an adjunct 
>there studies up to a graduate level, and, having got that far, 
>don't need another Carrots of the Gods.
>Ian Hutchesson