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Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the Web

Dear Mike,

Your problem seems to imply one of too things:

1) You are too young to know who von Danniken is, or

2) You slept through this delightful example of modern obfuscation of
scientific investigation that occupied TV and bestseller lists some decades
ago now.

Von Danniken wrote a series of books the first of which was called "Chariots
of the Gods" in which von D whizzed around the world in a sort of parody of
Darwin's Beagle off in search of evidence for visitors from other worlds who
came to help us along the dirt track a bit. His methods were based on free
association, which might not seem so far from certain scholarly pursuits,
and explaining the unexplained, and probably unexplanable, to fit his -- for
want of better words -- thesis.

So, If you have read the posting that the subject line refers to, you may
have seen the type of coprolitic material to be presented, to which NPL made
the obvious connection with von Danniken.



Ian Hutchesson

>I received this somewhat enigmatic message in response to the
>announcement of our interactive events starting in January.
>Perhaps you could explain how it applies and whether it shows you were
>expressing interest or just overcome with Danish enthusiasm.
>Mike Sanders

>>Long live Van Danniken!