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Re: Dead Sea Scrolls Live on Tuesdays on the

At 08:45 AM 10/7/96 -0400, you wrote:

>   Bravo!  Down with Fundies... See my post in reply to theirs...
>Tom Simms

Its not the "Fundies" who are to be feared.  It is the half literate,
semi-knowledgable, partly professional pseudo scholars (of any stripe) who
cause the most damage to honest Biblical and Qumran studies.
The problem is that such half wits present fiction as fact, and as the media
is always looking for a new angle theirs is the one that is usually given
press.  Its not excellent folk like Garcia-Martinez who have reporters
asking them questions, its the wierdos like Barbara Thiering (who is nowhere
near a trained Qumran scholar).
The end result of this media chasing is that half truths come into the
public domain and the "common folk" take it as gospel.  Thus, when genuine
scholarship is presented it is not accepted (frankly because people in
general are more interested in hype than truth).

The whole notion of the original post was that all the questions that puzzle
scholars have been answered.  Balderdash!  ONLY a person without any real
knowledge about the Bible or Qumran supposes that all of the questions have
been answered.  Even an honest fundamentalist holds no such witless notion.


Jim West
Petros TN