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Essene name

The assertion that "Essene" does not appear in Qumran mss is false for
two reasons:
1) Those who say it fail to agree on Semitic spelling(s) which would
provide the test to confirm or falsify their claim of absence.
2) the positive reason: The name is there. To be brief, here's part of my
1994 SBL handout:
Select ancient texts relevant to etymology of "Essene":
1QpHab 7.11; 8.1; 12.4-5; 1QS *:3; 4Q171 2.5, 15, 23; 4Q177 v-vi
18; 5Q13 x 1; 1Q36 vvi 1. 1QpMic viii-x 8 & 1QSb I 1 [restored].
Cf. 1QM 12.11, 19.3. 4Q470 Zedekiah (=part of MMT C?). Dan. 11:32;
1 Enoch 108:2; Avot de R. Natan A 37; James 4:11. Philo on biou
praktikou, osios, Moses as Essene founder (cf. Strabo Geo. 16.2);
Josephus on hosen/essen; Epiphanius on law-observant Ossenes; etc.

some bibliography:
1532 Chronica. Johan Carion, Wittenberg. folio 68 v.
1559 Ecclesiastica Historia, the "Magdeburg Centuries". Basel
1583 J. Scaliger De Emendatione Temporum
1743-44 J. Happach. De Essaeorum Nomine. 
1839 Issak Jost. Israelitische Annalen 19, 145-7.
1858 David Oppenheim. MGWJ 7, 272-3
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1864 C. D. Ginsburg. The Essenes
1881 Rev. Et. J. 3 , 295
1948f Wm. Brownlee noted, but never fully asserted the etymology from 'asah.
The modern Hebrew spelling (influenced by Azariah de' Rossi, me'or

Enayim , Mantua, 1573-75 (reprint Vilna 1864-66) is not identical to
the ancient spelling.
Stephen Goranson   UNC-Wilmington
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