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4Q forgery?

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Date: 02 Oct 96 00:26:43 EDT
From: David Crowder <75352.2352@compuserve.com>
To: Orion Center <msorion@pluto.mscc.huji.ac.il>
Subject: 4Q forgery?

   Re: Photo caption cited by Doudna that read:  "Labelled by Allegro as 4Q
    There was a lot of concerns about forgeries back then and Allegro wasn't the
only one who thought many of the DSSs to be fake. Trever expresses the concern
repeatedly in his footnotes. Oddly, the forgeries seem to have disappeared when
the prices went up. So too did some of Trever's most interesting footnotes from
his first took "The Untold Story of Qumran" to the second.
   And recounting the very first telling of the discovery, Trever quotes Rev.
Salmi (Sowmy) : "It seems some Bedouin had found the scrolls in a jar, sealed
with potshards in a cave south of Kallia about 7 km ... This all happened 40
YEARS OR SO AGO [emphasis mine] in the time of another bishop.
  "The brother of Salmi (Sowmy) said his theory was that a group of Essenes
owned the scrolls and hid them during one of the periods of persecution when
they were forced up into the hills into the caves."
  The brother of Salmi was a very savvy guy back in 1948. He even dated the
scrolls as earlier than 200 AD on the spot, and this Syrian knew he was looking
at Isaiah. 
  There are some wild discrepancies ... but the reference to it all happening 40
years earlier is particularly interesting.

  David Crowder
  El Paso, Texas