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OK, my last note on th hatchet exchange.
To Prof. Hurwitz, Yikes! I just reread your post and I obviously had not
read it seriously, I mean carefully, the first time. Anyway, I'm interested
in your views on the other matters at hand.
To Prof. Basser, You mentioned the proposal (made semi-seriously, I note)
that Rabbi Meir recited Esther "among the Essenes" rather than "in Asia."
In case it's of interest A. Neubauer, la geographie du Talmud (Paris, 
18??) pp. 38, 273, 308-9 concludes that Genesis Rabbah 36 refers instead
to a town east of the Tiberias Lake, which like the others mentioned,
had a hot bath. Again, I am interested in feedback on 'asah, Philo,
Pliny, Porphyry, etc.
Thank you
Stephen Goranson UNC-Wilmington
home: 706 Louise Circle J, Durham NC 27705z